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Ready for a website that feels like you and puts in the work to reach your goals?

We’ll dig deep into your values and inspiration to craft a brand custom to you.

Are you short on time? We’ll redesign a website template to fit your style!

you love your rad business...

But you love your life too, yanno?

Especially when it involves chasing waterfalls, climbing mountains, and drinking boxed wine in the desert as you explore the depths and distances of our gorgeous earth.

Which is exactly why you said a big, "Hell freakin' yeahhh" to embarking on a #laptoplifestyle.

...Except, uh, you're quickly realizing you've underestimated just how much laptop there was going to be in that lifestyle.

(What does daylight look like, again?)

And while you're stuck indoors squinting at a screen as you stress over exactly how to nurture a strong online presence on top of everything else you're doing, the wild, wonderful world is waiting for you.

Ohhh man. We get it. But we've gotchu.

Like you, we're all about adventures: the ones you take offline and the ones you make online.

Which is why we'll be the strategic roots working hard to feed your success online so you can show up and shine online.

Ready to get outta your inbox and into the outdoors?

adventure awaits.

"Since launch day, I've gotten a boost in sales and commissions!

I spent way too long trying to design a site myself before hiring Rooting For You Studio last year. I love my new website and wanted to just thank you again for creating a website I truly love and that serves me well.

Tonight, I had someone just explore my site, read some blogs, then purchase an art print! You created a place that encourages exploration and that, in result, helps someone find a new art piece. Thank you."

- Nathasa Rae, Ink + Watercolor Artist

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