what can I do with a blog? ⤸


When you share advice, tutorials, and new resources for your audience, they'll keep turning to you to learn more as they grow! By teaching and showing how much you know, you can quickly become an expert in your niche. This is why it's especially importatnt to really get clear on your niche as well--it's much more effective to be an expert in something specific than stretching yourself thin trying to be an expert in evvverything.


Especially for service-based businss owners, it's important to remember that only a tiiiiiny portion of your audience will hire you for the service you offer. But the rest are still following along for a reason! Even if they're just waiting until they're ready to invest in your service, it's important that you show up consistently and create content that gives value to your entire audience. By sharing resources, tips, and how-to's with your audience, you're giving them value just for showing up... and what's better than that? As you continue to show value and establish trust, you can eventually start offering other paid content (a course, downloadable product, etc.) and, because they know that everything you share does bring value, they'll be excited to support your newest products.


Do you ever come out of a project or season of business and say, "Man, I sure wish I knew x, y, and z before I got started"? One of the most helpful things you can do is share your experience, and lessons you've learned along the way. Whether your words inspire people looking to get started in your field or warn them against a common mistake, sharing what you've learned in your blog immediately sets your content apart and establishes trust with your audience.


Did you know that your SEO ranking isn't based on your website as a whole? It's actually based on each individual page of your website (which is why it's so important to optimize every single one). An easy way to start ranking for a specific keyword is to start publishing SEO-optimized blog posts about that topic--especially if you're answering commonly-googled questions.


This one goes back to giving value to your audience. If you're blogging about a topic (say, how to launch a new blog) and offer a detailed list of steps within your blog post, you can offer a downloadable checklist for people who read through until the end. Not only will your content stay with them longer if they download the checklist, print it out, and reference it in the future, but you can also use this as an opportunity to collect emails and grow your email list. If you set up the freebie so your readers have to submit their email before downloading the content, you can quickly grow a list of dedicated readers who are willing to invest in new (possibly paid) content that you can release in the future.


Your audience will find you becuase of your valuable content, and they'll often stay for... you. By opening up and sharing the behind-the-scenes moments of your life, you invite your readers into a deeper, richer experience as they get to know you better. You can share how you started your business, hard lessons you learned along the way, trips you've taken, and ways your life has changed since you launched. By showing up authentically and sharing a little slice of your own life, you'll create a community of caring, engaged readers who will start rooting for you, too.