Website Strategy Call for Adventurous Outdoor Community, Military Wild

Strategy: Sam

I just wrapped up a Website Strategy Call with Hannah Wolt, the founder of Military Wild. She’s created such an incredible organization that connects adventure-loving military families to local communities all over the world.

As a former military kid who’s seen a lot of other family members serve in the military and deal with the loneliness of being stationed far away from home, I love everything this organization is doing! They connect military families to local chapters led by Military Wild Ambassadors who plan hikes together and work to build local communities for military families.

You can learn more about Military Wild here, and apply to become an Ambassador yourself if you’re interested in starting a chapter in your area.

During our Website Strategy Call, Hannah and I talked about…

  • Who would benefit the most from joining Military Wild.
  • How the chapters are structured, from Ambassadors to Lifetime Membership Holders.
  • How they can adjust the website flow to encourage visitors to take action and get involved right away.
  • Ways to make the navigation more intuitive for first-time visitors
  • Strategies for organizing their absolute wealth of pages and resources so anyone can find what they’re looking for right away.
  • Strategies to highlight the perks and incentives of joining as a Lifetime Member.
  • Fun ways to showcase social proof throughout the entire site!

I am so excited to wrap up the entire strategy document and send it over to Hannah!

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