FRI-YAY! The Friday Self-Care Routine I Use to Transition into the Weekend

Saturdays are sacred to me. They’re for all-day pj’s, Netflix marathons, snuggle parties, and eating ice cream out of the carton. Once I transitioned this business into a full-time gig, I made a deal with myself: I could stay up late, I could get up early, I could work on this business as much as I wanted to... but I would take Saturdays off. 

Because I really love what I do, I sometimes struggle to clock out at the end of the week. After some trial and error (and whoops, realizing I worked until 11pm again), I developed this sweet little self care routine to help me transition into full-on chiiiillll mode to kick off the weekend.


I’ve set up an automated “out of office” email that goes live every Friday... and here’s the secret: it starts running an hour or two before I’ve really clocked out for the day.

I take some time every Friday morning to send my clients an end of the week recap video so they get a visual on what I’ve been working on throughout the week and can send me updates or adjustments that I can keep in mind for the week ahead. I give them plenty of time to respond, then set email aside for the weekend—instead of getting excited about new projects and working late into the night. 


Nothing brings on the “Sunday Scaries” like responsibilities that creep up towards the end of the weekend. I struggle to really enjoy my time off if I know I have a lot of work waiting for me—instead, I’m just itching to get back to it! 

I like to send out updates on Mondays to let my clients know what I’ve got planned for the upcoming week. Since I’ve already touched base earlier in the day, I’ll spend half an hour or so drafting and scheduling updates before clocking out on Friday.


Updates sent, emails drafted, and my “out of office” auto-reply up and running, it’s time to get sweaty! I’ll tuck my laptop away, set my phone to “Do Not Disturb,” and put on some jams! (This is the playlist I’ve been listening to lately.)

I’ll give myself 10-15 minuets to stretch, dance, do a yoga flow—whatever it takes to shake the get-stuff-done mindset I’ve been living in all day. If it’s nice enough, I might even go for a quick run around the block.


Full disclosure: I don’t treat myself to a bath bomb every weekend, but I’ve found that drawing a nice steamy bath, lighting a few candles, playing some chill music, and putting on a face mask all help me put away my phone and just relax for a nice long soak.

Want the details of my full routine? Here we go: 

  • Start running the warm water

  • Remove all nail polish (unless I’ve got a gel mani)

  • Grab my cuticle cream and cuticle cutter and place them both by the tub

  • Change into a button-up shirt or bath robe

  • Pull my hair up and treat the ends with Lush’s Jasmine and Henna Fluff-ease (it smells soooo good)

  • Remove all makeup, if I was wearing any

  • Cleanse my face, then apply a mud mask

  • Turn off the water and gently add the bath bomb!

  • Place my razor and shaving soap by the tub

  • Light a candle or two

  • Bring in my portable speaker and play this relaxing playlist

  • Apply Crest white strips and set a gentle timer

  • Get in the tub!

  • I’ll usually shave, treat my cuticles, and brush through my hair with a wide-tooth comb after rinsing out the fluff-ease treatment. I’ll also exfoliate after shaving—it’s the perfect way to clear off dead skin and leave your legs feeling smooth and clean.

  • Aside from that, I’ll sometimes grab a bit of candy or a glass of kombucha to enjoy while I soak and de-stress.

I’m shockingly awful at taking care of myself when I’m in go-go-go full-on work mode (like, won’t brush my hair all week bad), so making time to really treat myself has become an essential part of my weekly schedule.


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