Tutorial: How to Invite a Contributor to Your Squarespace Website

When you hire someone (ooh, like me!) to work on your website, the easiest way to grant your designer access to all the backend design controls is to invite them as a contributor to your Squarespace website. I’ll break down exactly how that’s done:

If you created an account and started designing your website before anyone else got a chance to touch it, you are the site owner—and everyone else who can log in and make edits to your site is called a “contributor.” You can invite people to manage, edit, and update your site by assigning them different levels fo access (called “permissions”).

Important Things to Know Right Away:

  • The only people who can add contributors are site owners (like you!) and other contributors who have Administrator permissions.

  • If you have a Personal Plan through Squarespace, you can add one other contributor. If you have any other level of plan with Squarespace, you can invite an unlimited number of contributors.

  • Be careful when you have multiple contributors editing your site. If one contributor is making an edit at the same time as another contributor, there’s a chance one person’s edits can overwrite the other’s. If you coordinate ahead of time and keep clear communication about who’s editing what and when, you can avoid most of those issues.

Levels of Access (aka Permissions):

  • Site Owner:

    • There can only be one Site Owner, and it’s typically the account that created the site in the first place. Site Owners have full permissions to access all content and settings on the site. They can also choose to transfer the permission to another account—so, if a designer creates an account for you, they can easily transfer site ownership to a new Site Owner.

  • Administrator:

    • The Administrator can do everything a Site Owner can do—edit content, change settings, etc—except transfer the site to a new Site Owner. If you’ve built the site yourself and are now granting access to a website designer, you should grant them this level of access.

  • Content Editor:

    • A Content Editor can add new content (such as products, images, and text) to existing pages, but they can’t add new pages to a site. They can edit the content only (hence the name content editor), and cannot adjust any design settings on the site. If you are hiring someone to update your site on a regular basis (for tasks such as adding new blog posts or updating product listings) but they don’t need to make any design changes.

  • Billing:

    • If you have an e-commerce shop on your website, you could grant someone Billing Permissions to manage invoices and subscriptions for your customers. This is a good level of access for anyone managing the financial element of your site.

  • Reporting:

    • Anyone with this level of access can view your analytics and provide reports on your website traffic.

  • Comment Moderator:

    • If you are outsourcing comment moderation, this is a good level of access to give the person replying to comments and making sure that all of the comments on your site are appropriate to the topics at hand.

  • Trusted Commenter:

    • Anyone with this level of access can comment without moderation (aka waiting for your approval) and can reply to other comments made on your blog posts.

  • Store Manager:

    • This person can add, edit, and update product listings, as well as manage the fulfillment side of your orders. Anyone with this level of permissions can also add new blog posts or events, making it ideal for anyone managing your e-commerce or marketing strategies.


Go to the Home Menu, select Settings, then click Permissions.

  1. Click Invite Contributor.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.47.28 PM.png

Once you’ve clicked through to the Invite Contributor window, fill in the contributor’s name and email address.

  1. Select the level of access you want to give this contributor based on the role they’ll play within your site. You grant each contributor multiple permissions of never.

  2. Click Save to send off your invitation.

  3. Your contributor will receive an email invitation granting them access to your site. The email will ask them to log into their Squarespace account, or create an account if they don’t current have one.

You can find a list of invited contributors under the Invites Sent tab.

Invited contributors appear under Invite Sent.png
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