Kalli June Photography's New Blog is Live on Squarespace!

I had so much fun with this blog re-design! Kalli reached out to me right as Joelle and I were announcing our September Workshop, and was super patient as I wrapped up that launch week before getting started on her new blog! She built her website on Squarespace, but was frustrated with the overall blog layout. It wasn’t easy to navigate, it didn’t showcase the photos… she even said she was “kind of ashamed” to have it on her website. Yeah, no bueno.

That’s where I came in. I edited each of her posts, updated them with thumbnail photos, excerpts, and “read more” links at the bottom! I added in a sidebar, then created a brand-new landing page where viewers could easily scroll through posts by category!



Kalli’s photos!!! But seriously. Her work is so, so gorgeous, and I fell in love with this photo in particular (see below) that I was able to add in as a banner image as soon as someone clicks through to Kalli’s blog. It perfectly captures the warmth and happiness in all of her work, and I think it’s the perfect intro to those love stories.



I started giggling as I scrolled through one blog post, because I’d actually been in another wedding at that same venue! It was so much fun to work with another creative from Indiana! (And yes, PS, she captured the gorgeous, rustic details from that venue perfectly.)

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