Joelle Elizabeth Courses is Live on Squarespace!

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through my Instagram feed, you know Joelle, my biz bestie. Jo is an incredible photographer, educator, mentor, and podcast host! She’s literally the reason I’m in this business—she suggested it, first of all—but I knew it was possible because I had seen her do it. We were roommates during the season when she quit her miserable 9-5 so she could go full-time with her photography biz, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. It’s so amazing to watch her bloom and grow in her photography biz, and I was so excited when she launched this online course!

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It’s been amazing to watch her business flourish reach more and more people, so I was stoked when Joelle reached out to me about designing an “endless scroll” sales page for her new course! She’s designed an incredible series of videos and practical steps for starting your own photography business, and I can’t wait to see all the lives it changes.



This “website” is one lonnnng “endless scroll” sales page, and it was so much fun to break up the content with colorful backgrounds and a variety of text sizes! I especially loved the blue-ish color that I got to repeat all throughout the site (below) and the way I was able to format the testimonials as image blocks with the stars as the titles and the content as the subtitles! It looks super good in mobile, too! 💁



I got to go through this course when it was still in its beta stage, and oh my word, was it incredible!! I’ve been intimidated to learn much about photography, even though I know it’s so important to have fresh, on-brand photos for my websites and social media. By taking this course, I finally felt comfortable enough to invest in my first DSLR! Thanks, Joelle! I seriously can’t wait to learn more and keep growing in my photography skills.

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