3 Easy Steps to Start Outsourcing in Your Small Business | She's a Creative Podcast Interview

Hi! If you’ve found this post from Pinterest, it might look a little bit different! As I’ve pivoted in my own business, I’ve updated this post to make sure it’s full of the best advice I have to offer about knowing when you should start outsourcing in your business. Thanks for stopping by!

Today on the podcast we are talking to Sam Weiler, a plant lover, Star Wars enthusiast, and the Virtual Assistant behind Rooting For You Social. Nothing makes her more excited than hopping online to chat with her clients about the goals, ideas, and dreams they have for their business--then helping them bring those to life! If she's not organizing and scheduling Instagram feeds, you can find Sam taking hiking the dunes by Lake Michigan, sipping some peppermint tea, or taking her pup on a little adventure. If you've been interested in outsourcing, Sam's your girl--she can't wait to start rooting for you and helping your business grow!

Today we really dig into what a virtual assistant is and WHEN you need to hire one for your business (which may not be when you think)!

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Rooting For You Studio is run by Samantha Weiler, a Midwest-based website designer with a huge passion for plants, peppermint tea, and launching websites for business owners who want the freedom to work from anywhere. Sam loves exploring National Parks and watching reruns of Parks & Rec, but she spends most of her time building websites for adventure photographers and outdoor entrepreneurs. 

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