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All growing up, my brothers and I learned a lot about entrepreneurship from our dad. Before we were competing in spelling bees, we were parroting off answers to questions like, "What is profit?"--money that's left over after expenses!--and "What kinds of businesses do we build?"

I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that we're all working on our own business ventures.. and all building LLCs. (That's the answer to question two, by the way--we build limited liability corporations!)

My brothers just launched Xtol Media, a premier videography service for real estate. I'm so stoked that they took a little time out of their busy schedules to share their favorite books on entrepreneurship and business on my blog today! 

This post contains a few affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase that item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which helps offset the cost of running this blog. I only recommend things I love and use personally--and I hope you'll love them too.


Logan’s Picks


Rich Dad Poor Dad was a formative book for me as it explained the "rat race" that everyone is stuck in--and why they cannot get out of it. It explained how we are no longer in an industrial age, but in an information age. It shifted my mindset when it came to school and the future of my financial life.


LOGAN: This is a continuation of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, and further explains how and why people are stuck in the "rat race," and how to get out of it. In doing so, the author explains the difference between the four quadrants of income/cashflow. These quadrants were Employee, Self-Employed, Business, and Investor. It further shifted my mindset on what I want to do with my future and explained the pros and cons of every quadrant before explaining how to get out of the "rat race," no matter which quadrant you fall in.

CADE: These books are a three part series that are crucial for anyone wanting to pursue their passion in the long run. Rich Dad Poor Dad shifted my worldview at a young age and showed me a different paradigm as to viewing the world economically and strategically as a responsible young adult. It provided ideas that I never tasted before. I have read this first book in the series through at least three times, and I always pick up small things that I continually apply to both my life overall and my approach to personal life choices today as well. Cashflow Quadrant applies the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" mindset to the business world and shows how capitalistic corporate America and small businesses alike can view their structural approach to their endeavors. Rich Dad's Guide to Investing is the final book in Robert T. Kiyosaki's original three part series that ties it all together and further explains how one can self-study this world and apply it to their personal passions. Do not let the titles or page counts intimidate you as they are fundamental books that help you get your head on straight before you step into this world.


LOGAN: Since I decided I want to be in the B (Business) Quadrant of the cashflow quadrant, I looked for books by the man known as The 50 Billion Dollar Man, Dan Peña. This book, "Your First 100 Million," takes you from having an idea to building your perception, then to putting together a board, getting funding, acquisitions, and finally exiting your company. It explained, step-by-step, how to think and the steps you need to take to build and grow your dream to a full-fledged business. This was the book that really made me a business man, mentally.

CADE: This book can be described of nothing short of life-changing. Mr. Peña "red-pills" his readers by exposing them to his high-performing lifestyle and other worldly ambitious goals and successes. He truly has an approach unmatched by any others in the business world, self-help and high-performer realms. He is essentially a mad man that preaches accountability to self, being aggressively responsible to yourself and to your potential. He pushes people out of their comfort zones by showing them their true selves and what they can be. Mr. Peña and his work have influenced me nearly as much as my father has, and this is saying a lot. One of my life goals is to meet and be mentored by Dan Peña before he passes away. An amazing book and a recommendation for all those who want to be mentally checked and truly fulfill their lives' potential.

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Cade’s Picks


Many other books have influenced me in the past and pointed me towards the career path I am pursuing now, but being exposed to the simplicity of the analogies and worldview given in this book opened my eyes to how simply one can attack life. This book reduced my anxiety about finding my personal direction and how I should go about pursuing what interests me. This book is not a suggestion, but a requirement.


This book is on personal finance and it effectively uses a storytelling approach, making the analogies and rules provided simple to consume. I do not agree with all of the numbers, percentages, and time frames provided, in terms of the rules for personal financial success--I believe they are too limiting. However, I do believe that this short book gives great a reference for starting and managing ones personal income, savings and investments. Exposing yourself to this information can do wonders. Definitely pick this one up or listen to the audiobook as soon as possible. This next book recommendation is the ones that inspires me to say that the time frame and numbers of "The Richest Man in Babylon" is a limiting book, but a great start.


This book is a requirement for all those in the social media and online presence fields. End of story--pick it up and read it in less than a week. Thank me and Mr. Vaynerchuk later.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me and my brothers this #ReadABookDay!

What have you been reading lately? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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