How to Connect Your Social Profiles on Squarespace

If you've spent aaaany time on Squarespace lately, you'll know they have been making some MAJOR. UPDATES. ⁣⁣And while there are some that I'm not so stoked about (looking at you, animations in the editing navigation), this one? is BRILLIANT.

how to connect your social profiles to squarespace.png

Before the update, you had to manually log into each social account on its own platform, then log into Squarespace and connect the social media account to the Squarespace account. Not too bad if you’re setting up your own site, but I promise you, it turns into a massive headache when you’re trying to up social links for someone else.

Unless every single client you have is either super organized or willing to share their logins with you through an encrypted password sharing site like Lastpass, tracking down login information, sharing it safely, and troubleshooting any errors can be major roadblocks, delaying the website launch.


This seriously might be my favorite Squarespace update of all time. Why?

It makes everything super, super simple.

All you have to do to connect a social account is… to copy and paste the social link.


That’s it.

Not logging in, no sharing passwords. You just find this tab under Settings > Social Links


Copy the social accounts you want to connect, and paste the URLs in right on that same page!


It’s so dang simple I’m sitting over here like, “Is this even worth its own blog post?”

And the answer, delightfully, is yes.

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